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Yogurt Maker with Glass Jars and Cups

The yogurt maker with glass jars and cups are a favorite among consumers. Each glass jar comes with its own air tight lid, are a perfect serving size and allows you to make different flavors in one batch. The jars are also dishwasher safe. All are very reasonably priced and have glowing reviews. The Euro Cuisine YM100, Salton YM7, Koolatron TCYM-07 and Deni 5600 are among the most popular brands that feature glass jars. Your yogurt will always be smooth, thick have a delicious, tart taste. People often compare it to the yogurt they taste while traveling overseas. You will find yourself making new batches constantly if you like to include yogurt in your daily diet. These devices are very easy to use and yield consistent results. Pour your yogurt milk mixture into the individual jars, put them in the machine, replace the lid, turn it on, set your desired time and walk away. The yogurt maker will maintain a constant temperature and the results will be wonderful. The glass jars are a breeze to clean.

You can also order additional jars so you can make a second batch before finishing the first. The timer is so convenient because you don’t have to think about shutting it off at the appropriate time. Everyone has their own incubation time preferences and this feature is a nice addition. These machines do not take up a lot of counter space and are easy to store. The yogurt maker with glass jars will make a wonderful addition to your kitchen.