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What is the best yogurt maker?

Many people seeking a healthier diet are wondering what is the best yogurt maker for their money. There are several to choose from with a variety of options and in a wide range of prices. There's really not a huge difference between all the competing yogurt makers. Their only function is to heat the yogurt mixture at a steady temperature for a given length of time. In my opinion, the best yogurt maker is the most inexpensive reliable machine that gets the job done.

Many people want to take the inexpensive route and not buy a yogurt maker at all - using their oven as their heat source. There's nothing wrong with this option, but I feel it wastes a lot of heat and electricity because you have to leave the oven on for at least six to eight hours. Personally I think it would be less expensive to invest in a yogurt maker since they are more energy efficient and don't use nearly as much power as an oven. I must say again that the best yogurt maker is the least expensive option.

Some people like to use their microwave convection ovens as a heat source. These are also larger appliances that draw more electricity therefore they run up your electric bill if they are left on for hours at a time. Not to mention that you can't use the microwave while it's being used as a yogurt maker. Plus, who wants to listen to the constant noise of their microwave for hours. Yogurt makers are so much more quiet.

I believe the best yogurt maker for your money is the Cuisipro Donvier Electronic Yogurt Maker. It is priced at around fifty bucks. It makes 8 separate cups of yogurt. It doesn't have all those complicated settings and temperature gauges. It is pre-programmed to heat the yogurt at the correct temperature. All you have to do is plug it up, turn it on and set the number of hours you want it to ferment. When it has heated for your desired amount of time, you turn it off. It comes with a great enclosed recipe book with instructions on making several different flavors. Most yogurt maker recipes call for plain yogurt with active cultures, fresh milk and dried milk.

If you are looking for something less expensive, I'd recommend the Salton YM7 42-Ounce Electric Yogurt Maker with 7 Glass Jars. It usually sells for around twenty-five bucks and makes 7 6 oz. jars of yogurt.

When following the recipe, choose a brand of yogurt that you like because it is likely that your homemade yogurt will taste similar to your starter yogurt. Follow the recipe instructions carefully. Heat the milk first. Remove it from the heat and stir in the dry milk. Then allow it to cool. Once it has cooled, add your yogurt starter and stir well. Pour the mixture into the yogurt maker containers. Close all the lids, turn it on and allow to heat for at least 6 to 8 hours. The Cuisipro Donvier is the best yogurt maker because it's easy to use and allows you to make several different flavors at once.