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Homemade Yogurt Recipes: The Book of Yogurt

The Book Of Yogurt by Sonia Uvezian is the best yogurt recipe cookbook and a great addition to your yogurt maker. This phenomenal book is a classic and will keep you busy for months experimenting with countless mouth-watering recipes. Unlike your other cookbooks, this yogurt recipe cookbook won’t be collecting dust.

Sonia Uvezian’s culinary skills are impeccable and she gives you hundreds of sensationsal recipes to fall in love with. She explains the history of yogurt, how it’s made and how to incorporate it into several kinds of recipes. Yogurt is used in many different ways in various cultures all over the world. Many cultures use it as a sauce or ingredient to add flavor to their dishes. Uvezian’s yogurt recipes are easy to understand and follow, include well-known household ingredients and yield great results.

Types of yogurt recipes mentioned in the cookbook are: salad dressings, sauces, soups, cakes, dips, cream cheese spreads, yogurt cheeses and many more. The book also includes recipes for pasta, fish, poultry and vegetables. Many international dishes are represented from tasty Middle Eastern dishes to zesty Indian and Caribbean selections to the delicacies of French foods. If you are a lover of frozen yogurt, there are recipes for you as well.

The Book Of Yogurt is a wonderful guide to healthy eating. There are literally hundreds of outstanding yogurt recipes for just about any dish imaginable. If you are a novice at making homemade yogurt or just looking for new yogurt recipes to try, The Book of Yogurt is for you!